Safety is paramount for every project no matter how big or how small. Site safety is not just the responsibility of one person, but of everyone working on site. At Huber General Contracting, project site safety is addressed on day one of each and every project. Prior to the start of construction we require that each and every involved personnel member receive and review a copy of the site specific safety program; in which they are required to sign and comply with.

Huber has been recognized at the local and national levels for our outstanding safety record. We continually strive to set the standard for safety excellence within the industry.

With that commitment to safety, the company's current 2017 EMR (Experience Modification Rate) rate was .80 versus the industry benchmark of 1.00. As noted in the graph below, this incident rate is substantially lower than the national average of 1.00. When it comes to safety statistics, less is more!